The Messiah Code

‘A taut gripping thriller’ - THE TIMES

‘An engrossing and intelligent work that reads like a cross between Michael Crichton and Umberto Eco’...’ - SAN FRANCISCO CHRONICLE

‘The quest for the Holy Grail meets Raiders of the Lost Ark’ - MAIL ON SUNDAY

‘A fascinating and very exciting novel...with a massive climax, all of which makes this a truly thrilling adventure story’ - PUBLISHING NEWS

‘’Something that makes Raiders of the Lost Ark look like pure hokum.  And the denouement must be one of the most explosive in contemporary fiction’ - THE BIRMINGHAM POST

‘Cordy’s technologically dazzling first novel is outrageous’ - LIVEWIRE

The Crime Code

‘should cement his’s a storming, action packed thriller, full of big topical ideas and backed up by meticulous research.’ - MIRROR

‘Michael Cordy’s techno-thriller is gripping and horribly believable.’ - MORNING STAR

‘Energetic and ambitious’ - THE TIMES

Cordy’s energetic and ambitious novel depicts a world in which violent crime has become a global epidemic, with the USA being the fulcrum..Credible and imaginative.’ - THE GOOD BOOK GUIDE

‘A highly effective thriller’  - CRIME TIME

The Lucifer Code

‘An all singing, all dancing, cover-to-cover thrills and spills action adventure with a thought provoking idea at its core.  What more could you ask for?’ - DAILY MIRROR

‘A well constructed thriller, one that delivers right down the line from initial  conceit, through fast action to explosive finale...a master class in how it’s done...sheer entertainment’ - OBSERVER

‘An intriguing thought provoking finale that will leave you wrestling with a horrifically credible religious dilemma...Thank God it’s only fiction’ - PUNCH

The Venus Conspiracy

‘Truly excellent”

“This author's novels always have a big idea at their heart and they never disappoint. The Venus Conspiracy is no different. It has an audacious premise: what if you could biologically recreate the sensation of falling in love; and then delivers a cracking story with great characters, credible science and a twisting plot. Brilliant!”  - AMAZON

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The Source

“The Source is the fifth book by  Michael Cordy and it’s fabulous...” -  EUROCRIME

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