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Discover the colour of death
The Colour of Death
The line between life and Death is never Black or White

In a residential neighbourhood of Portland, Oregon an unknown young woman uncovers a shocking crime scene by inexplicably sensing the evil within its walls. To the police, she herself is a mystery.  She can’t even tell them her own name.  
They christen her Jane Doe.
Suffering terrifying hallucinations, Jane is assigned to Nathan Fox, a forensic psychiatrist struggling with his own demons. Together they must piece together the jigsaw that is Jane’s identity.
Fox soon discovers that his patient has an unprecedented form of synaesthesia, in which her five senses merge to form a sixth, and that her hallucinations appear to be memories - but not her own.
Then a sequence of brutal killings terrorise the city and Fox learns Jane is the only cryptic link between the unrelated victims. To solve the mystery, Fox must discard his black and white preconceptions, look beyond the spectrum of normal human experience and confront the dark truth of her past…and his own.http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Synesthesiashapeimage_3_link_0
‘Smart thrillers that set the mind and pulse racing’

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